Tips to Keep your Goods Protected During a Move

Moving day; just about everyone has to do it at least once in their lives, and with so much to think about it can be difficult conducting it right. Many of the items in your home or office are fragile, whether they be a priceless vase, an easily blemished sofa, or electronic equipment, ensuring that each item survives the trip from your old place to the new, can be a challenging task for those who are unprepared, or indeed ill-equipped. So, to help you hang on to all those delicate bits and pieces during the move, here are some tips on how to package them for the purpose of protection.

Prep Yourself Early On

When moving, whether to a new office or residence, it is important to start preparing for it as soon as possible. You will need to itemise your goods, box and wrap them, and also consider any additional protective measures that they will need. You’ll also need to source a moving company, a storage service, as well as the appropriate packaging. So be sure not to leave it to the last minute.

Get the Appropriate Packaging Materials

Here lies the important bit. Sourcing any old set of boxes and bags might make it easier to keep your goods together, but will do nothing to keep them in good condition. Be sure to get plenty of protective packaging where it will be needed, whether it is bubble wrap to protect ceramics and electronics, or covers for furniture to stop them from being scratched or tarnished during the move.

Dismantle and Cover Furniture

That wall unit, bed, bookshelf or desk that you once assembled in your own home after purchasing, will likely need to be dismantled before the move to make it easier. This will not only allow for them to be more easily protected, but will also free up a substantial amount of space when loading or storing.

Clearly Mark Fragile Items

You will most likely be moving a number of fragile items. Glass wear, lamps, crockery and many other items can easily be broken if packed incorrectly or mishandled during the move. So be sure to clearly mark all packages with delicate items in them as fragile, so that both you and your moving company can handle them with care.

Contact Better Moves for Details

While there is a great deal more to consider on moving day, these tips will ensure that all your items make it to your new location in one piece. If you would like more advice and information on how to conduct a seamless move, or would like to take advantage of our services, contact Better Moves today or visit our website for further details and offers.

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