Tips for Moving your Offices

Tips for Moving your Offices

Relocating is usually the result of a business expanding or simply just the end of the lease period. Expanding your business is not a bad thing. But, once your business is starting to grow, more office space is needed. Whether you are moving from your home based office to a new workspace or relocating from one building to another, choosing the perfect space for your business is never easy.

Once you have found your new location, the move is the next hill you will have to climb. Businesses make money when the company is running and there are staff in production; therefore, when your business is non-operational during the move, you will want to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Below are a few tips to assist you when relocating your business quickly and efficiently:


You know where you are moving to, but coordinating a move can be challenging with the equipment and furniture sitting in one office. Assess your current situation and decide how you want your new office to be laid out and how you will make it happen with your desired budget. Around five months before your move, ensure your employees are aware of the changes that will be happening.

From equipment transportation and budgeting for moving companies to making time for your staff, make sure you are putting resources in the correct places. Never be afraid to ask for assistance from your employees.

Planning ahead is crucial as the transition from one building to another should happen without a hitch. If you plan to hire a moving company to assist with the process, make sure you have done this around two months before the move.

When the final week in your offices come, it is important that everything is correctly in place. Ensure your clients are updated about your move. Reschedule any last minute meetings or interviews for once you are settled into your new office to avoid any stress.

If you have planned your move well, the day of the move should be a simple and quick process. For the best moving company in Johannesburg, visit Better Moves today! Visit our website and enquire online for more information or a quote.


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