Tips for Moving with Pets

Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving is stressful, and just imagine how tense it can make your animals. Animals can easily get stressed when there is unusual activity in their home or when relocated to a new environment. Moving with pets does not come with a recipe solution. However, below are a few tips that could make the experience a little calmer for your dear animals.

Organise an Overnight Kit

Pack an accessible overnight kit that will offer enough kitty litter, dog food, grooming tools and toys to comfort your pet and remain comfortable during the unpacking stage.

Call your Vet

If you are relocating to another area code, give your local vet a call for any records or prescription medications. In addition, request recommendations of other specialised vets that will be around your new neighbourhood.

Keep your Pets Away from Action

When you are in the process of moving, the best way to minimize on your pets’ stress is to contain them in the quietest area possible. If you are not willing to leave them at a kennel, make sure you are able to remove them from heavy foot traffic and noise.

Putting your Pet in your Car

Bring your pet to your new home in your own vehicle. Puppies and cats may be put in a carrier, which is then secured with a seatbelt. If you have a bigger dog, you are able to move them in a kennel at the back of your car. Most animals feel more relaxed if you place a blanket over their carrier.

Only Let your Pet Out Once You’ve Arrived

Be cautious when driving your pet to your new home, if they escape they will easily get lost. Once you are in your car, do not open the kennel until you have arrived at your new home. Make sure to give your animals a few days to adjust in the new home.

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Tips for Moving with Pets

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