Things You Should Do Right After You Move

So your move is coming up quickly and you’re trying to stay on top of things, but there are a few more things to do, the things to do to get ready, packing, cleaning and you still have to be a normal member of society at the same time. But it will all be over soon, and the harder you work now the more rewarding it will be because you have the time then to destress and embrace your new home. However, a new home does not come without its own work.

What to Do in Your New Home

When you get to your new home, now would be a great time to spray up the place for bugs so that they don’t begin to pester you a little later. It would be very advisable to start setting up the bedrooms and beds first, so that you have a place to sleep later. Once the gist of your bedrooms are done and you have a place to pass out later, get to the kitchen because you’re going to use it later that day, or at least tomorrow morning for some coffee before the unpacking begins. If you can get into the house before you move, do so to do a little cleaning where cleaning is needed.

Things That Should Be Done First

I would suggest that after you set up the beds, set up somewhere to take short breaks, you will be thankful for this later. Then it would be highly suggested to put up any curtains or blinds, so that you will have your privacy. It would be worthwhile to check if the geyser is on and working, the last thing you will want is a cold shower after a long moving day! You have new neighbours now; try not to make any loud noises at night. Don’t hesitate to meet your new neighbours and introduce yourself to them.

Getting Moving Help

Moving is daunting and stressful with so many things to do. To make your moving process easier, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Better Moves to help you during the stressful time of your move. Be sure to get in contact a few weeks ahead of the move to make sure that they will be available to help you.

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