Special Wrapping

Special wrapping for your home or office move

Quality packing is a priority at Better Moves. Our experienced packers will carefully pack your household or office goods to minimise the possibility of any damage to your possessions.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is mostly used to cover wooden furniture, ornaments, lamps and any other brittle things.Anti-sweat bubble wrap is for solid wooden furniture to prevent bubble marks on the wood.

BubbleWrap1 BubbleWrap2 BubbleWrap3


Aerothene is a foam product which we use when we do box packing. It is ideal to wrap crockery, cutlery, glassware, ornaments and lamps with before it gets packed into boxes. Aerothene can also be used to wrap wooden furniture in.


Cushion Kraft

Cushion Kraft is a brown paper lined with bubble wrap and used for silver appliances and fridges, flat screen TV’s, pianos, glass table tops, large ornaments and high gloss finish wood furniture.


Plastic Covers

We use thick heavy duty plastic sleeves to cover all upholstered furniture, mattresses, bases, carpets and curtains to protect them against dust.

PlasticCovers1 PlasticCovers2

Clear and Buff Tape

Clear and buff tape is used to seal the boxes and all of the wrapping materials.

BuffTape1 BuffTape2

Security Tape

Security tape is used to seal the boxes and all of the wrapping materials.


White Newsprint

Newsprint is normally used to wrap crockery and cutlery. White newsprint is used to ensure your goods are not marked with ink.

WhiteNewsPrint1 WhiteNewsPrint2 WhiteNewsPrint3