Managed Storage

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Our storage units are brick built with a tin roof. There are no windows, electricity or water and only one lock up roller door per unit. They look similar to a typical garage.

Storage security measures

Our storage units are off-site and extremely secure. All the units are beam alarmed, surrounded by a 6-foot wall with electric fence. There is also an electric gate and a 24-hour armed guard. In the past 3 years, we have not had any break-ins.

Depending on the number of goods that needs to be stored, the units are either shared or for bigger storage’s a whole unit is given per customer. All the goods are wrapped and clearly marked/ labelled at the customers’ house. When the truck arrives at the storage facility the storage manager makes a detailed inventory of all the goods offloaded before it gets packed away in the unit. The storage manager is the only one with access to the units and she also has the only set of keys.

All goods coming into storage must be wrapped in either plastic, bubble wrap or airo kraft. Boxes are being packed on top of each other in the unit, therefore it is very important to use a very strong box which must be well taped. We recommend at least a double wall box.