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Moving is one of the most stressful experiences in our modern world and our staff are there to advise you on all aspects of your move. We are committed to making your move as stress free as possible. We have an experienced sales team and friendly staff ready to assist you with all your enquiries.

We provide a move management service and are happy to liaise with the owner or designer to ensure that the careful planning results in a successful move on the day. We supply colour stickers for easy move planning. Contact us today for a free home moving quote and know that your move will be in the hands of the best household movers in Johannesburg!

Wrapping and packing for your home move

PackingWe supply double wall boxes (new or 2nd hand), bubble wrap, airo kraft, aerothene, plastic covers, tape and sealable plastic boxes for all your packing needs and are happy to deliver these items to your door prior to your move.

We encourage customers to utilize the bubble wrap, airo kraft or aerothene that we provide for their precious, delicate or brittle items. Our staff are also well trained to provide the service of box packing, furniture and ornament wrapping. We normally do this a day before your removal to ensure that everything is ready when the removal truck arrives. Box unpacking can also be done upon completion of the move.

If however cost is an issue the customer need not stress as we ensure that there are sufficient blankets on the trucks to protect your goods from any potential scratches or damage. However if your goods are coming into storage, we do insist on special wrapping all your goods for long term protection from dust etc.

Training our staff to ensure we are the best household movers in Johannesburg

Our company provides a training programme for packers, porters, loaders and supervisors and in-house training is done on a regular basis to ensure that our staff can deliver on our promise of being the best household movers in Johannesburg!