Preparing your Office for a Move

Relocating your office? Then you have probably just begun to realise how much there is to do. What is more concerning, is that you probably cannot afford to play too much with your downtime when doing it. This means that you will need to plan accordingly, start well in advanced, and make every aspect of the move known to your employees. So where do you begin? How much time should you allocate? And who can you trust to assist you with the move? We’ll make your move a little easier for your business, by giving you tips to ensure that it happens without any complications.

Meet your Movers

Considering the staggering amount of office equipment, supplies and materials you will need to move, you will want to use the assistance of an office removal company in Gauteng. As it is with any service that your business opts for, you should find out as much as you can about who is delivering it for you. So take some time to meet up with the representative of your moving company so that you can discuss and plan your relocation efforts in details.

Set your Schedule

As mentioned before, your company suffers every time there is downtime to contend with, and few things can interrupt production and procedure like a move. So start early and plan a rigid moving schedule that takes place with as little disruption to your operations as possible. This may require you to assign tasks to planners, or even to get your employees involved in the move. Whatever the case, with careful planning and a detailed schedule, you’ll be able to do the move without losing any valuable time and money.

Communicate the Move

There will be a lot of tasks, planning and scheduling to do before the move, and they will need to slot in with the operations of your employees. For this reason it is crucial to communicate the status and needs of the move with your employees; particularly those who will be involved in the move, or those that will be disrupted by it.

Take Stock of Everything

There will be a lot to transport during the move, items big and small, which could be misplaced, stolen or broken during transport. So be very careful to take stock of everything. From computers, servers and desks, right down to the small items like cleaning equipment, stationary and supplies. Failing to do so may end up costing you more in the long-run, when misplaced items need to be replaced.

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