Preparing your Child to Move



Preparing your Child to Move

Children generally react to the general environment set in the home by the behaviour of their parents. If you see moving as an exciting adventure full of new prospects, then chances are high that you will influence your children with the same enthusiasm and anticipation.

Several times we forget that making more money or moving to a bigger home is not exactly a change that children will understand. Often the younger the child is, the less able they are to see things the way you do. They have the tendency to focus on losing the security they already have, along with missing their friends and family. Your job as a parent is to turn the blues and doubt into happiness. Think about what advantages there are for your child in the move. For instance, will you be closer to family, the ocean, or another favourite person, place, or activity?

One of the simplest ways to turn an unhappy frown into joyfulness and excitement is to communicate frequently. Tell your children what is happening and what will probably happen next. Let them know what the move means to the family, how important it is that Mommy got a big promotion at work or that Daddy has opened a new office for his company, and how other features of the move will be good for the child.

Be prepared for those “What about me?” questions by finding out about schools, churches, activities, and community facilities beforehand, and give your child choices and ways to take part where it is appropriate. Whenever possible, find information on the Internet, or have your estate agent e-mail, fax, or mail important information about the community so that you and your child can plan where to go and who to see in order to help ease the transition into new activities and surroundings. Contact institutes with whom your child is similarly associated or with whom he or she has an interest, and ask for recommendations to your new city. Knowing that they won’t have to forfeit their favourite hobbies or sports goes a long way in helping children adjust.

Letting your children participate as much as possible makes the time they spend expecting the move pass more quickly. Occupy them by letting them plan and pack a box or so of their sentimental/special things. Consider their say on the new decor and the arrangement of their new rooms. Encourage them to take the time to say their good-byes to friends and loved ones and get addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers to stay in contact.

While you are arranging the move, try to continue the normal routine and tell your children that, even though they will soon live in a new house, the rules of the household will remain the same like, bedtime is still at 9 p.m., and homework still needs to be completed before the can watch TV. And though Mom and Dad are a slightly busier and distracted with the move, they love their children and are giving the whole household a new opportunity to grow.


Your preparedness will go a long way in reassuring your children that their needs are being considered. But one way of lessening the stress that comes along with a big move, would be ensuring that you’ve hired an accredited moving company. Better Moves is a removal and storage company that has been a key market player since 1987. Better Moves has taken the moving industry to another level and are proud to be amongst the best removal companies in Gauteng. Although Better Moves’ is a storage and removal company, they offer service par excellence – to relieve stress about packing, so that you can ensure you family makes the most of the moving experience.

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