Packaging Cutlery

Packaging CutleryThere are a few things that you need to consider when you are moving furniture and kitchen cutlery. You need to make sure that your cutlery does not get damaged. Although it might be make out of steel but cutlery can bend easy or break. Kitchen utensils are just as important as anything else that you own so when you are moving you need to make sure that your cutlery is packed neatly and correctly.

How to pack cutlery

Whatever you plan on packing when you are moving you need to find the right packaging equipment. Because cutlery is small you do not need a big box to put all your cutlery in but you need just one big box to put your all your cutlery in once they are neatly packed it will be easy to organise and carry them.

When packing cutlery you need the following supplies:

  • Small box
  • A stack of packaging paper
  • Acid-free tissue paper
  • A roll of packing tape
  • Permanent marker

You need a permanent marker to mark the boxes of all the items that you will be packing. When moving you need to be very organised and you need to make sure that all the things you need to be repacked in the right places so that they do not break or get damaged.

When packing cutlery you need to prepare a small box. You need to use a packaging tape to secure the bottom of the box and then you can lay on crushed paper inside a cushioning. It is important to pack your cutlery in bundles of four pieces and stack the items on top of each other and they all need to face the same direction.

You can use the same process when you are packing silverware. Instead of using packaging paper, use acid-free tissue paper. Tissue paper can tear easily and your cutlery will bend when it is not packed properly. If you still have the original box off when you first bought the cutlery then you can still use it because it will organise the cutlery well and keep it in the same position. If you are planning on hiring a moving company then you need to make sure that you label all the boxes so that they will know how to pack your belonging in the truck.


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