Moving? Why Not Move with us?

Moving? Why Not Move with us?

Wondering why there is just storage businesses popping up everywhere you go, and asking yourself “I wonder what is inside those units”? Thinking of all these questions and come to thought that you need to contact container storage companies in Gauteng and get your very own unit. What could people possibly be storing inside those units?

Many people need storage units for various of reasons, whether you have to much clutter, or just want to tidy up your home, storage units come into use for many reasons. Storage units can provide an economical alternative for people and businesses, that want to keep their valuables and assets in a secure place, that will be protected.

Other than financial costs, there are numerous reasons why increasing numbers of people, are now using storage units as their own personal space.

Why You Should Use Storage Units

You can reduce clutter. If you are looking at reducing clutter in your home or work place, you can use this option to store boxes, furniture and it I will be a safe place. Safety is key, some items in your home have value to them, like your fishing gear or your tools, these items run a risk of getting stolen or broken, but in a unit it will be safe and sound.

Just want to free up some space, but don’t want to throw things away? For example: jet-skis or vehicles that you are not using, you can simply put these items in to storage.

Want to save money on insurance? Rather take our storage insurance to ensure that, if your valuables are stolen or damaged while in storage. Your insurance will cover the costs. This is a cheaper option than taking out home owners insurance.

If you are moving into a new house or new offices and don’t know where to put all your items? Well that’s easy, just get a storage unit and store all your goods in there until you need them again. All your valuables will be safe.

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Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose long or short term storage. Environment and climate controlled units are also available with container storage companies in Gauteng. We do furniture storage in Johannesburg.

For more information on storage units contact one of our consultants at Better Moves or visit our website.

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