Moving Fragile Items

A Break-Free Move
Moving can be a risky business. An nothing is more susceptible to breakage than your fragile household items. Only using bubble wrap won’t sufficiently protect your breakables – you need to pack like a pro if you want all your fragile items to make it to their new destination. Here are some professional tips from Better Moves to help ensure you do the best you can to protect your fragile items.
A Variety of Box Sizes
You may think it will be best to buy boxes that are all the same size. But for your moving company, fitting all the boxes in can be like Tetris. For the best fit, a variety of sizes works best. Get boxes that range from shoebox sized to large, keeping in mind that you probably can’t carry anything larger than 2.5 feet square. Pack the heaviest items in the shallower boxes, and fill the bigger ones with lighter items.
The Right Tools
Have the right tools at the ready. Here’s what you will likely need on packing day: quality boxes in various sizes; packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape and scissors. A large table to lay out your items and pack on is not a bad idea either.
No Clinks, no Cracks
When it comes to glasses, cups, mugs, and anything glass, you don’t necessarily need box inserts to keep the items separated. It’s more important to wrap each item up completely, with two or more layers of packing paper – newspaper will do just fine. And make sure everything’s packed as tightly as possible (without putting too much strain!), to prevent the items from bumping around. For hollow items such as big glasses and vases, stuff them crumpled newspaper in the cavities, then wrap individually with more paper before setting them inside a box lined with paper or bubble wrap. For flat items such as plates and picture frames, wrap each item in newspaper and then place them in a box vertically, alternating with a sheet of bubble wrap.
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