How to move house with your cat.

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How to move house with your cat.

Moving house with your cat can be quite a challenge because most cats are not fans of change at all. If cats could choose, they would choose to stay exactly where they are or where they are most comfortable. But at some point in its’ life, it will have to move with its owner to a new location. You need to make the transition as stress free as possible for your cat in order to reduce the risk of excessive meowing and crying, trying to escape, hiding and in-house soiling.

Moving any animal, especially a cat will involve 3 aspects; preparations before the move, the actual move and settling in to the new location. The third aspect is mainly only for cats as they are the most unpredictable animal and they are notorious for running away once you have moved house.


Let your cat get used to the carrier that you are going to use to transport it. You should leave the door open and put a comfy bed inside. It is a good idea to put treats inside the carrier and let your cat find it on its own or you could try feeding your cat in the carrier. If your cat does not want to enter the carrier to eat, you can try putting its’ dish next to the carrier and after a few days, you can try putting the bowl just inside the carrier, right near the door. Over about a week you can place the bowl further and further inside the carrier so that your cat has to take 1 or 2 steps inside the carrier. Eventually you will place the bowl at the very back of the carrier and your cat will go inside to eat.

You should also put your moving boxes out before you start packing so that your cat can climb in them and play, just kidding, it’s so that they can get used to the presence of the boxes. If your cat gets nervous or irritable while you are packing, it is sometimes better to lock them in a quiet room, away from the noise. Keep the boxes closed so that your cat doesn’t hide in them.

You should try stick to your current as much as possible so that your cat doesn’t become anxious or weary. Using a feeder with a timer will ensure that the are fed at the same time every day.

Better Moves will assist you in any way we can in order to ensure that your cat has a safe and stress free journey to your new home.

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