Make Your Move Simple with These Packing Tips

Lady and a moving box - better moves

Choose the perfect day to move.

Employ your movers at least a month in advance in order to plan accordingly. If you enjoy a flexible schedule, experience with potential moving dates and attempt to discover the cheapest date of the month.

Professional moving companies are busiest on the weekends. As a result, schedule your move for a weekday and you may receive a significant discount.

Plan the best route to your new home.

Whether you are moving across the border or just to a neighbourhood a few miles away, you will need to find an efficient route to travel in order to avoid traffic.

Consider planning the easiest, most effective way to get to your new location. Make sure to find out if there may be any construction schedules ahead of time.

Find moving boxes from your local store.

Whether it be a grocery or liquor store, make sure to visit and see if they recycle their used boxes. In addition, make sure the boxes you are about to grab are not terribly worn and that you are able to use them for lightweight items.

Pack ahead.

Packing in small amounts is far less stressful than attempting to do it all in one day before the move. As early as a few months before, begin packing certain things that you know you will not need.

This can be anything from books you have already read to off-season clothing and pictures you have hung up on your walls.

Pack heavy items in small boxes.

Although it is evident, if you have ever known the struggle of carrying a large box packed with books, you will know that this advice is not exaggerated.

Make sure to fill your small boxes with your heavier items and utilise large boxes for towels, linen and other items that are not weighty.

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