How Long Should It Take you to Plan for a Move?

Getting ready for your next big move? Then it’s time to get started, and the sooner you do it, the more smoothly your relocation will go. Life may get in the way during this time, which can make it tempting to ‘cross that bridge when you come to it’, but anyone who has ever had to conduct a move will tell you, that it is a bridge that takes a staggering amount of time, money and effort to cross, unless you are well prepared for the big day. So the question stands, when should you start planning for your move? Can you ever start too early, or should you leave it for later? Find out answers to these integral questions here.

Two Months

Two months may feel like overkill to some, but it will give you the perfect amount of time to get all of your goods ready to be moved. At this point you will start going through each and every one of your belongings, and fighting the urge to hoard them, should begin throwing away all of those things which you don’t need; those things that will simply be put away in a dust-collecting nook once the move is complete. A new home is a fresh start, so limit the junk you bring along with you during the move.

As part of this process, you should also be taking inventory of everything you wish to keep, so that you can ensure everything you need comes with you, and can also take stock of what may need replacing, repairing or discarding during the move. Additionally, now is the time to get all of those important documents scattered around your home collated. You will likely have way more stuff in your home than you anticipated, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to do it.

Six Weeks

At the six-week mark you’ll want to start keeping an eye out for moving companies that you can rely on. Start doing your research, meet up with movers and see what they can offer you in terms of services and pricing. Now is also a good time to start sourcing the appropriate packaging you will need, so that you can slowly start the process of packing your things.

The Last Week

Time to start cleaning and packing, be thorough to ensure that you get the best part of your deposit back. If you need to inform service providers (such as internet providers and the postal service) of your move, you should have done so by this point, so if you haven’t, make sure you do it by this point.

The Last Night

Your final night will be a little challenging, especially considering your goods will be packed away, making life a little inconvenient for you; so pack your essentials in a place where they can be reached easily. Remember to defrost your fridge so that it will be easier (and less messy) to move the next day; and be sure to get plenty of sleep so that you are ready for the move.

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