What to Know About Storing Goods Before a Move

Storage facilities have been providing an essential service to individuals and companies all over the world for many years now, and here in South Africa, there is no difference. When moving your home or office, you may find it necessary to keep your goods in storage until such time that they can moved, from where they can be kept safe from harm, secure from theft, and can make the management of your move that much easier. So if you are on the lookout for a container storage company in Gauteng, here are a few things you should know before getting started.

Shared and Private Storage

Storage units are more often than not shared between customers of a particular company, and so you shouldn’t be put off by having your container shared with another. It is generally only in cases where a client has a substantial number of goods that needs storing where they get an individual unit, and in most cases this will also have an effect on the price of the service.

Facility Security

The idea of sharing space with other clients may call up doubts about the security of your goods. This concern is generally met with stringent cataloguing and security measures with 24 hour armed response in the event of a break-in, while the only set of keys to each unit is held by the facility manager alone. Security is obviously a much needed service for those storing their goods, and so you should only opt for furniture storage in Johannesburg that provides the necessary protection.

Storage Procedures, Packaging and Labelling your Goods

Storage containers have limited space, which means that goods are generally stacked vertically in them. Because of this, it is essential to source the correct protective packaging; this means you’ll need strong boxes, plenty of tape, adequate and detailed labelling as well as protective wrapping such as plastic, bubble wrap or airo kraft. Many storage companies will even handle the packaging, wrapping and labelling of your goods from your house before they are shipped off to storage, so keep an eye out for a company that provides this service to help the process go smoothly.

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