Keep Calm and Move Your Offices

Moving day. No matter what your situation is, these occasions are often a source of stress. When it comes to moving offices, things can get a little more complicated. There is a lot of equipment to be accounted for, packed and moved; people’s efforts need to be coordinated, and of course, you will need to notify your clients and prospective about the change of address. This is a time that may also lead to downtime, employee discomfort. While change is always a necessary part of making your business grow, those who make up its family will likely be set ill-at-ease because of it. So to help you make your next office move a stress-free affair, here are some tips for getting it done right.

Keeping Personnel Informed

Change is never easy, especially when the people affected by a move are kept in the dark. This sudden arrival of a new order may leave many of your employees feeling uneasy about their own position in the company and the security of the job. So get them involved in the excitement of it all to keep them grounded. You will also need to ensure that your customer base is informed of the move, especially if they frequent your premises regularly.

Taking Stock of Everything

Your office is populated with stationary, supplies, electronics, servers and a great deal of other items that are crucial to your productivity. Since most of these items come at a cost, you will want to make sure that each one is accounted for. So start early and begin drawing up an itinerary of your inventory so that you can be sure everything makes the move alongside your business.

Get your Employees Involved

This will help your employees feel comfortable with the move. Get them involved in the planning process, and give them a certain amount of responsibility with regards to the move. This will get them as excited as you are about it. Furthermore, remember the old saying that many hands make light work; well each pair in your office will make the move go that much more smoothly.

Be sure to Use a Moving Company

To avoid unnecessary complications that could lead to costly downtime, it is a good idea to enlist in the services of a moving company in Johannesburg with the experience, equipment and skillset to ensure that your move goes off without any issues. There are a number of moving companies out there, and they all offer varying services at different prices. So take your time when selecting the one that is right for your business, and its budget.

Contact Better Moves for Details

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