How to Get the Most out of Storage Services

There are many reasons why you, your home or your business may opt for storage services. Perhaps you are waiting on a big move, need to free up space in your living or working areas, or are waiting for the time when you can put your stored goods to use. Either way, there are a few concerns and considerations to take into account when doing so, to ensure that your goods are properly protected from damage, and kept secure. If you are currently using storage, or are planning to in the future, then here are a few tips for you to follow which will ensure that you get the most out of the service as possible.

Keep things Off the Ground

While storage containers are generally well-designed to keep moisture out, accidents can happen. Moisture and flooding can wreak untold havoc on your stored goods, especially those that have been laid on the floor. So, keep your goods away from the risk of water damage by stacking them so that they have as little contact with the floor as possible. Consider using wooden pallets to do this.

Securing your Storage Unit

Whenever storage is conducted, security is always a concern, and is therefore the responsibility of whoever is using the service. With regards to this, you should make use of a durable lock that only you and those who are authorised can have personal access to. In even the most secure conditions, seeing to this is an utter necessity.

Disassemble what You Can

Lamps, desks, tables and any other awkwardly shaped or sized objects that are being put into storage should be disassembled wherever possible to make the most use of space. Doing so will also allow you to package them more easily and effectively, which will add to their protection, and will also save you costs on space requirements.

Layout your Storage Effectively

You will need to have access to the items in your storage unit at some point, so make it easy on yourself by stacking goods accordingly. A good idea is to leave a narrow isle of empty space in the middle of the unit, that will allow you to navigate your storage unit without having to move your goods around.

Contact Better Moves for Storage Services

If you are looking for a container storage company in Gauteng that you can rely on to keep your goods protected from damage and secured from tampering or theft, contact a representative from Better Moves today, or feel free to visit our website to find out more about our home and office moving, or storage services.

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