Different Types of Bubble Wrap and When to Use Them

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If you’re moving, or even shipping something, you’ll probably end up buying bubble wrap. But what size and grade are the right ones for your specific needs? This guide below will show you the different grades and qualities are the right types of bubble wrap to use when moving and shipping items.

Types of Bubble Wrap

There are numerous types of bubble wrap meant for different purposes. Here are your basic grades and how to select which one is right for your needs.

  • High-Grade Bubble Wrap – High-grade, or sometimes known as strong grade, is made with stronger plastics that won’t ‘pop’ nearly as easily. This grade should be used anytime you are wrapping heavy items or times when there is a significant risk of the item being dropped. The stronger bubbles will help maintain the cushioning.
  • General Bubble Wrap – The most common option is the general or multi-purpose bubble wrap. This is made with a medium weight plastic that is strong enough to stand up to most typical shipping accidents. The vast majority of items can be protected from minor issues by using this type of wrap.
  • Limited or Low-Grade Bubble Wrap – Low-grade bubble wrap provides the least protection in general. It is primarily used to help avoid scratches or other superficial damage during a move as it won’t absorb much shock if an item is dropped or other products shift or slam against it. Do not rely on this as padding.
  • Anti-Static Bubble Wrap – Anti-static bubble wrap can come in any grade but it is made to protect electronic items. This option should be used when wrapping things like cell phones, computers or even televisions.
  • FDA Grade Bubble Wrap – This option is made for use with foods that need protection from the shifting and vibrating of bumpy roads while in transit. It is commonly used when transporting things like chocolate, fresh fruit, and even eggs.
  • Temperature Controlled Bubble Wrap – There are many types of bubble wrap made with a special type of cellular insulation to help maintain the temperature of what is being shipped.


Combining Multiple Types of Bubble Wrap

If you have an item that is especially valuable or fragile you will want to take every possible precaution to keep it safe. In these cases, you can use multiple types of bubble wrap to ensure maximum protection.

Some glass items can benefit from being tightly wrapped with high-grade bubble wrap on the outside to protect from damage and small size bubble wrap to keep them safe from scratches and some piercing items. Adding a third layer of high-grade large bubble wrap around the others may help to prevent damage if the box or package is dropped or damaged.


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