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Readying your Home for Moving Day

Moving day can be an incredibly stressful affair, especially when you are not adequately prepared for it. Far too many households have begun readying their goods for transport only to find that they have a vaster collection of stuff than they thought. The results of this can range from lost and damaged goods to exorbitant… Continue Reading

Preparing your Child to Move

  Preparing your Child to Move Children generally react to the general environment set in the home by the behaviour of their parents. If you see moving as an exciting adventure full of new prospects, then chances are high that you will influence your children with the same enthusiasm and anticipation. Several times we forget… Continue Reading

Guide to Packing Your Kitchen

Guide to Packing Your Kitchen When it comes to packing up for a move, most people dread tackling the kitchen, with all the dishes, appliances, and silverware crammed onto shelves. And it’s not a task you can quickly rush through, because if you’re not cautious in your packing, you stand the risk of finding broken… Continue Reading

How to move house with your cat.

How to move house with your cat. Moving house with your cat can be quite a challenge because most cats are not fans of change at all. If cats could choose, they would choose to stay exactly where they are or where they are most comfortable. But at some point in its’ life, it will… Continue Reading

How To Pack Your Clothes

When moving one of the most important things is packaging, how you pack your clothes is very important. You need to make sure that your clothes are packed neatly and by the time you get the opportunity to unpack they are all in good condition and not torn. How to pack clothes Clothes can be… Continue Reading

Packaging Cutlery

There are a few things that you need to consider when you are moving furniture and kitchen cutlery. You need to make sure that your cutlery does not get damaged. Although it might be make out of steel but cutlery can bend easy or break. Kitchen utensils are just as important as anything else that… Continue Reading