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Packing Like a Pro

Moving is no easy task, ask any one that has moved before and anyone who moves people for a living, it is just difficult. It is time consuming and it takes such a long time to find the perfect place, the packing, the transporting, the unpacking and now finding the best placement for your stuff… Continue Reading

New Kitchen Shopping List

Often when we move, we are so focused on getting everything we own to our new home, unpacking that and getting it all set out so that we can continue to live our lives and build on our new start. But getting there takes a while because we all own a lot more stuff than… Continue Reading

Things to Get Rid of Before You Move

So you’re moving soon, congratulations! But now you’re left with a big task of going through everything so you can clean it and pack it! Somethings honestly, just don’t need to come with you though; they can be thrown away, sold or donated. Because we all know that somethings are sitting collecting dust now, and… Continue Reading

Keep Calm and Move Your Offices

Moving day. No matter what your situation is, these occasions are often a source of stress. When it comes to moving offices, things can get a little more complicated. There is a lot of equipment to be accounted for, packed and moved; people’s efforts need to be coordinated, and of course, you will need to… Continue Reading

Preparing your Office for a Move

Relocating your office? Then you have probably just begun to realise how much there is to do. What is more concerning, is that you probably cannot afford to play too much with your downtime when doing it. This means that you will need to plan accordingly, start well in advanced, and make every aspect of… Continue Reading