4 Ways to Move Big Objects Easily

Sometimes we have to move large objects from one place to another. Unfortunately, a lot of us feel frustrated with how much is required to move a big piece of furniture or equipment and this undertaking can become an unpleasant task. If we ask for assistance, we indirectly put ourselves and others to trouble, and when we hire a company to do that for us, it might be quite expensive.
Here are a few pointers:

1. Machine Skates
So, machine skates are quite simply. They are simply just pieces of metal on wheels. Though a number of machine skates are BM1dependent on the size and weight of the object, you might also need a toe jack.

Firstly when moving, you lift a corner of the object using the toe jack in order to lay the machine skate beneath the object. To prevent from slipping from under the skate, placing a piece of wooden plate on the skate, then under-laying the skate under the object is an option.
One thing to note is that you have to take the direction of machine skates while placing them under the object into account, subject to where you want to move the object. Once on the skates, you are able to move the object in any direction.

BM22. Furniture Moving Dollies

Furniture moving dollies are quite similar to machine skates. You either have to place an object onto a dolly yourself or using a toe jack to lift the object and place it onto the dolly. Then you just push the dolly in order to move it. Although furniture moving dollies are a useful way to move big objects and bigger dollies can be expensive, the price reaching a sum of several thousand rands or more.

3. Plastic Sliding Sheets

At first glance, you probably wouldn’t believe that a plastic sliding sheet could bear a heavy weight. Although probably you might not be able to carry as large objects using machine skates, these plastic sliding sheets are quite easy to use.
You place an object to roll it onto the sheet or to place the sheet under the object you wish to move and drag the sheet. You can also position the object to the sheet, using strings or fasten it similarly depending on what you want to move. Plastic sliding sheets provide a great advantage as you won’t have to carry or lift the object, instead dragging the object which does not need that much strength.

4. Furniture Sliders
A furniture slider is a small disk, usually made of smooth material and resembles a little cushion. It is connected to the furniture legs and bases of heavier appliances and helps them move with ease. The pads vary in width, so, for smaller items use slimmer sliders and for larger items, use wider disks.BM3

With the pads on the legs or the bases of your furniture, you can now slide items more easily. You can attach sliders to objects like a fridge, a washing machine, etc. More importantly, transferring objects with sliders under them doesn’t damage the objects or the floor which often happens when using other techniques of moving larger objects.

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